The Arizona Immigration Debacle

The new Arizona Immigration law is racist, unnecessary, and bigoted.  There: I said it.  It’s racist and bigoted because we all know who the immigration law would target.  It is unnecessary because it not only circumvents the constitution, it is a huge violation of human and civil rights.  It’s not surprising that the person who originated the law has close ties to the racist Minutemen, not surprisingly that Arizona racists are loudly applauding this law.  If that doesn’t send start the sirens running in your head, or at least send some chills up your spine, then maybe you’ve been living on a rock.

Why go after those of Latino descent?  Haven’t unregistered migrant workers in essence been responsible for pumping millions of dollars into the American economy through their back-breaking labor?  Have they not enriched our communities through their very presence – providing us with a glimpse into their colorful customs and cuisine?  If the authorities are concerned about “groups” which break the law, why has there never been any influence to stop Chinese “student” spies who skirt immigration laws (Links: [1],[2],[3],[4]) to come here and steal American technology and feed it back to their despotic regime?  Why do we ignore Arab Muslims who are sleeper cells, like the recent Times Square bomber, or Italian Mobsters, and Russian drug smugglers, all of whom who can get into the country without a problem.  Somehow, the racist and manipulative Arizona state government would like us to believe that, in spite of all the dangers to our country, deliberately crafting an unconstitutional law in order to go after poor, hard-working Mexicans who only come here for a better life, is the answer to all of our problems.  We should understand this as nothing but being racist fearmongering that has plagued our nation for too long.What’s next? Turning Arizona into a little mini-theocracy where miscengenation is outlawed? Given that many thousands of indigenous people are from communities that have straddled the U.S.-Mexico border since long before that border came to be, I see this law as a tragic reminder of how polluted political culture in the U.S. has become. The recent racist, anti-immigrant hysteria is about race, no matter how loudly and unconvincingly those persons pushing the agenda forward try and deny it. In the case of SB 1070, its chief sponsor is an overt racist who consorts rather openly with Nazis.

Tim Wise, a famed activist who has fought for minority rights, recently wrote this enlightening article on Facebook, which I want to share:

Tim Wise: On Illegal People…and Forgetful Ones: Reflections on Race, Nation and Immigration | Facebook

As Wise alludes, we’re all immigrants after all.  I don’t recall the people on the Mayflower asking the Native Americans for permission to live on their land.  At least, that wasn’t in my history book.  So, unless you’re a Native American, you really have no business shutting out your fellow immigrants, no matter how long you’ve been here.  Your family might have been here for 300 years.  Your neighbor’s family might have moved here from Bulgaria 3 years ago.  And, realistically, in the scope of time and space what is the difference between 3 years and 3 days?

And I have something of my own to share.  My Mexican friend, Nacho, told me something the other day, albeit in broken English. When he was crossing the border a few years ago he found a family of Mexican immigrants dead. He was saddened by this, deeply, but what made his heart crumble was the little girl who died. She had no chance in life, and was denied hope and dreams because there weren’t accommodations for these people. Is racism really worth the death of this family, and the many more who die? The starvation of the little girl, in the arms of her dead father wondering what is happening and why mommy is not breathing? Does racism excuse the poor conditions in Mexico, and isn’t it natural to run away from a problem for a better life? These racists invented some arguments to legitimize their sick values, but since the arguments parroted out by these people are as poor as the people they discriminate against, I’ll have no qualms destroying each.

Some claim Mexicans take our jobs. While Mexicans do come here to work, they do a better job of it than the White Folk who work in offices all day typing reports. Mexicans are in the fields, digging ditches, building houses, fixing potholes, and every other backbreaking job you can find. Not very many Whites do that. Now, notice that all the work is being done by Mexicans, for they are the TRUE patriots of America – imagine the irony that not the White “upper crust” Americans who benefit from an easy life, but the Mexicans are keeping this country afloat. Without them the entire country would collapse and chaos would erupt, panic visible in the streets and shop windows being broken open (just like Kristallnacht), cars overturned in the streets, and martial law put in by those privileged, hopelessly grasping for one last measure of control. Mexicans are the skeleton of America, and immigration is the blood on which America survives. So what if Mexicans take the jobs of whites? Mexicans perform the jobs with more finesse and get better results. A finesse that is needed for continuation of American democracy.

The most absurd argument is that when two cultures coexist one of them destroys the other. What REALLY happens is that both cultures merge to form a new, different culture, representative of both previous cultures This has happened throughout the history of humankind. Let’s say a good, hardworking Mexican and a White person had a child. That child would be half Mexican and half White. This child could celebrate, without exclusion, the lineage of his mother and father.

I love the freedom that entails allowing everyone into your country, and I love the melting pot America has become. Every time I see the practices of a foreign culture my face lights up with joy, knowing that more people are apt to experience another culture this diverse world has to offer. You might want to make everyone the same, racists, but people like me are going to stop you. Intolerance has existed far too long, but slowly it’s influence is dissipating into the wind. And when it’s gone a new world will emerge, one where everyone is equal and class or color will not be valid distinctions; only the value of the individual, as Dr. Martin Luther King so boldly proclaimed, is what will measure a person.


4 thoughts on “The Arizona Immigration Debacle

  1. Bravo, Shaun! Your voice is dripping with well-grounded passion and buoyant optimism. I can see that your blog will indeed be a site for change. Keep it up; the world needs you now.

  2. how is it unconstitutional or illegal? If someone is here illegally that is a crime. AZ is just trying to help itself out. btw have u seen the show “Dirty Jobs? I see a lot of white people doing disgusting labour. and no the illegal immigrants dont put “millions” into the economy. Dont get me wrong im no a rascist. I have no problem with LEGAL immigrants, in fact i know many legal migrant families. My problem is with those that would circumvent the law

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