Racist Whites-Only Club Bought out by Synagogue


This is great news.  As someone of Jewish descent myself, I find myself somewhat smirking at the grand irony that a racist swim club, probably owned by racist White Christians, has now been bought out by Jewish people and is owned by a synagogue.  Many of my friends also appreciated this zesty irony; and thought that it would have only been slightly better had it been garnished by banning Whites – giving the discriminators a taste of their very own poison medicine that they attempted to shove down the throats of others!

There is never any excuse for racism.  All people are created equal, without exception.  What happened at this swim club should be a stark reminder to any person or organization who are unwilling to abide by these laws.  The people who were forced out of the doors of this club were mere children, once so innocent and full of optimism.  When they were refused entry to the club, possibly forced to sit on the sidewalk, their wet bodies shivering in the cold air, the reality of a racist system must have come crashing down onto them.  How horrible it must have felt to be sitting on that sidewalk, rejected because of the mere color of your skin, forced into a submissive posture just because you didn’t look like someone else?

Well, fortunately a few well-meaning people started the wheels rolling.  The club was hit with a lawsuit from the U.S Justice Department and a state Human Relations Commission investigation, and eventually went bankrupt from having to pay legal fees.  That culminated in the purchase of the club and its facilities by the a local synagogue.  And I must say, for 10.5 acres, it was a good deal – seeing as a single acre of undeveloped land can cost around 1 million dollars in Philadelphia!

Let this be a message to racists and discriminators everywhere.  If you discriminate, you might get away with it once or twice.  But remember that hate has consequences.  Eventually you will be caught and punished.  This is the 21st century, and it’s time that you started living in it!


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