Today is Everybody Draw Mohammed (YShV) Day

Today was a celebration of Free Speech.  Today, we stood as one, refusing to allow the forces of religious bigotry to mow us down with bullets of hate or bombs of malice.  Our resolve will not be lessened by religious bigots who do not understand basic human rights.  The right to question dogma and the right to be free from religion.

In celebration of Draw Mohammed (YShV) day, several members of our Students for Israel club, the LGBTQI club, and Atheist club (and a few others,Iforget at the moment), drew some pictures.  As an assistant professor, I also gave extra credit to anyone in my class who made a picture.  (One Muslim was upset that I did such a thing, but given that Muslims are anti-Jewish, who is he to complain?)  We then drove to the local mosque and posted them across the street from the mosque (on public property so they couldn’t do anything about it).  Consider this a test of tolerance; if the Muslims were willing to accept what we had done and not resort to violence, or calling the police to “shut us up,” then they passed.  Well, it goes without saying that they failed miserably.

Anyways, I’ll have today’s pictures scanned and put up here in the near future.  In the meantime, you can click over here to enjoy some older pictures!

The true face of Mohammed the pedophile

A Classic!


One thought on “Today is Everybody Draw Mohammed (YShV) Day

  1. The right to question anybody’s authority over legal principals of freedom of expression should never be in question.

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