Israelis Ambushed and Attacked by Terrorists on the High Seas


Last night, Israeli soldiers were brutally and forcefully attacked by Palestinian-sympathizing terrorist groups who were trying to smuggle weapons to Gaza.  Video footage shows that Israeli soldiers, who were only armed with paintball guns, were punched, stabbed, kicked, and beaten with iron bars – and does not give rise to further questions on the culpability of either party.  Even the notorious propaganda television station, Al-Jazeera admits that the so-called “flotilla” was illegally attempting to infiltrate the Israeli blockade of Gaza, giving the solidiers no choice but to board to prevent an invasion of Israeli territory.

Once on board, the terrorists made no secret about their plans to kill these innocent Jews, who were tasked with defending their beloved homeland.  According to one reliable source, they chanted “Death to Israel” upon seeing Israeli soldiers and chanted Islamic battle cries encouraging the massacre of Jews.

Some people think that Israel might have overreacted in this situation.  I beg to differ.  Given the impending invasion of Israeli territory, there was no other choice.  In fact, Israel acted with great restraint, as any other nation might have torpedoed the ships, sending the passengers to a watery grave.

It sickens me to see even the best and brightest to decry Israel as a state of oppression, where innocent people are sent to be tortured. This is not the case. Israel has the best human rights record of any nation, as the Jews are humble people who are trying the best to strive for peace in tough times.  Anyone who speaks otherwise is a serpent, a deceiver, a betrayer, a liar: he speaks with a tongue of wanting, a tongue of jealousy, or a tongue of manipulation, speaking with the tongue of bigotry.  To hate Israel is to hate it’s people, for Israel is not just a country but the fruition of the will of the Jewish people.  Israel is not just a land in the desert, my friends. Israel is the Jewish people.

When you heap your scorn and hatred upon Israel, you unconsciously malign the Jewish people.  Some people think that they are “doing the right thing” by speaking for the so-called Palestinian people (which I will discuss in a moment), but they are in fact not doing the right thing.  These people hate Israel because they are Anti-Semitic. Why?  We need look no further than a man by the name of Hussein al-Amin, the an Arab religious cleric from “Palestine” who was a friend of Hitler – and who called upon his followers to “Murder the Jews!”.

Why does this Anti-Semitism take root? One reason is that Christians see Jesus as being crucified by the Jews. But who sent Jesus to death? Pontius Pilate: a white male. Who crucified Jesus? The Romans–white men. Christians, ironically enough, misdirect their hate to the Jews, when it is them who themselves they should be hating for crucifying Christ! Centuries of this defamation have darkened the plight of the Jewish people, but there is no hate towards the gentiles as Jews are here to be guiding people, not rodents of revenge. Another fact is that Jews are, traditionally, very successful people. I believe this is undeniable; Jews have a natural appetite for success, and can be found everywhere in the arts and sciences. Jealousy erupts from this, and racists hate the innocent Jew because of individual shortcomings. Many will not be fully aware of these feelings, but it is important to understand that anti-Israel sentiment spawns from envy.

Of course when anybody is attacked, they have the right, if not the duty to strike back.  Young children are destroyed by the Palestinian people often, and the peaceful Jewish people live in fear of the next attack.  Any footage of Jewish atrocities is taken out of context by bigoted sources wishing to spread anti-Semitic sentiment. Israel is a friend of the world’s, and has helped the United States of America see the cruelty of the Saddam regime and the terrorism of the Afghan people by lobbying for war against these malevolent worms. With these dictator-states gone, democracy reigns free in Arabic lands for the first time.

Jews are good people: I should know, as I am one of them. Every time I hear plebeian speech such as, “We need to stop supporting Israel,” I feel stereotyped; I know I am a sensitive human being just like you people of African, European, or Asian. When derogative remarks are made against my people I feel my kindness is undeserving. But this is a transient feeling, natural in all humans. I quickly come to my senses and understand that if the uneducated are having envy against Jews, I must treat them the way I want to be treated and perhaps show them the light, the light that shines upon the Jewish people and radiates our love and our essence which is none to dissimilar to yours. Israel and the Jewish people are inseparable; Israel’s borders may come and go, but never our heart and soul.


2 thoughts on “Israelis Ambushed and Attacked by Terrorists on the High Seas

  1. You do realize that the Turkish ship was in international waters when it was boarded? You seem to have left that out.

    And if the Israelis were using paintball guns, I’d like to see some photographs of splattered paint on the walls of the ship. Or splattered paint on the people who were hit with paintballs.

    • I don’t care where the ship was. I don’t care if it was in Turkish waters, Greek waters, Israeli waters, or whatever. Israel has a right to defend itself against terror, and they were clearly terrorists aboard the “Armada of Hate” as it was called by Danny Ayalon.

      By the way, “Hank” wordpress supplies IP addresses. I suggest if you want to keep working for Dynegy, you learn when to keep your mouth shut.

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