A Victory for Free Speech


This is splendid news.  I cannot say how happy I am that the anti-semitic Arabs were punished for their hate.  Too often, the American community is focused on what white racists do to blacks, and sometimes ignores what is being done to innocent Jewish people just for being Jewish.  We can only hope that other colleges follow suit with the same ideas.  I would, in fact go so far as to say that all Muslim groups, and even some Christian groups need to be banned from campuses nationwide, as many Muslim and Christian ideologies tend to be authoritarian and undemocratic.

Some people might ask, “isn’t banning someone from campus against free speech?” No.  Because hate speech is not free speech.  Let us remember that hate has consequences.  The consequence of  using anti-semitic slurs and constantly criticizing Israel in this case was being suspended from campus for a year.  But, let’s look at the wider picture.  Today it’s about Israel, tomorrow the racists, be they Arabs or Whites, could come for you.

I’m sure you’ve seen them, stumbling around like the failures they are and constantly bickering with each other. They’re simply bigots, even to each other. But we don’t care if they hate and hurt each other– simply the beauty of the self-destructiveness of hate. But what we do mind is if they cause trouble to the good people of the world, particularly minorities. Sure, we can allow them to spread their hate speech under the watchful eye of a tolerance-policing democratic authority, but we also have to be aware that hate has consequences.

For example: I recently recieved a comment about how Israel was guilty for the flotilla clash.  Utter trash that isn’t even recyclable. Using the investigative powers of the Information Superhighway, I searched this hateful user’s screen name and after hours and hours of searching, I found his personal information. Job, name, address, age, etc. I promptly called that person’s place of employment and alerted the bigot’s superior of their hateful actions online. They thanked me and told me that the person would be reprimanded, and probably fired for saying such disgusting things. I also gave the personal information to various pro-tolerance groups, three of them being the Southern Poverty Law Control Center, Anti-Racist Action, and One People’s Project. I then went to bed at 2:00AM after having meticulously tracked this bigot down. Hate has consequences.

People, particularly Ku-Klux-Klan or terrorist sympathizers, will tell me I am not respecting the right to free speech. One must keep in mind that the First Amendment applies only to the FEDERAL government, although very progressive groups have been eroding state’s rights for quite a while now. The First Amendment does not apply to speech that can be deemed hateful, as I illuminate in one of my earliest articles. Remember, that person was still able to communicate their feces-laden ideas; sick and perverted maligning that are obviously untrue upon a short introspection. I did not abridge this right, I merely engaged in my right to respond as one should when confronted with the most venomous of evils upon Earth. Why should one sit quietly and meekly when spat on by the flames of intolerance? Sometimes our action ought to be the hater’s education.

Allow the bigot to squeal and regurgitate ideas that intelligent people in academia take as jokes. But don’t let it end there; ensure that your local chapter of Anti-Racist Action or Skinheads Against Racial Prejudice are well aware of this person’s activities. Let that person fear for their life, and let that fear one day manifest into a love greater than that they have ever known. Violence shall be the fire that burns the vegetation of hatred, and the fertilizer shall allow the seeds of tolerance to be fertile and yield the fruit of pure love.


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