Hating the needy is still hating

I was walking down the busiest street yesterday, and I noticed an old man in ragged clothing was sitting down on the sidewalk and leaning against the ruddy, cracked bricks that formed the wall of a building. I approached quietly, my shadow overcasting his body. He did not look up at me, but continued to stare down at the ground, acknowledging my existence only by the shadow I casted.

“Sir,” he pleaded in a quavering voice while evading eye contact, “could you please spare a coupla’ dollars? I’m a hungry man and I’ve beena bit down on my luck.”

He then looked up at me, his face gave signs of being used to humiliation and mockery. This was the face of a man who was acquainted with tough times, and the kindness of strangers was his highest providence. Every day he starved, alone in the alleyways as an outcast of society; no family would feed him, no one to shelter this kindly old man. Cold and grim winters he fought with all his endurance, sleeping under bridges without a second thought to discomfort. He was a survivor, I could see. His expression was near emotionless, save for the scarcest hint of hope–hope that even the barest fragment of human kindness still existed. I was destined to console his hope, to nurture it like a mother to a baby.

“Well, I can spare a few dollars,” I said with a slight hint of a foreboding tone. He falsely perceived sarcasm, and his face contorted into humiliation until I pulled out my wallet. Then, I gave him a twenty-dollar bill and winked at him. His face lit up like a menorah, and tears of joy streamed onto my back from his tight hugging. He thanked me, while still hugging me, and told me that G-D would bless me my entire life. He then began running to what I presume was the nearest grocery store; though on his way he turned around, looked back at me, smiled, and ran into the distance never to be seen by me again. While a heartwarming story, a question I have must be answered: Why was this man not nurtured by the government? He existed as an emotionless creature until my saintly deed, for perhaps years or even decades: far too long. Our governments exist to protect The People, to ensure mutual survival and humanity’s success as a team. Governments, when they do not fulfill their intended purpose, become selfish and decry their part in the social contract. Our values have been corrupted by the atrocious, the maligners of modern civilization; people are not accepted for who they are, but must merely be useful to the current regime that controls their lives. The self-important types ignore the obligation of giving people what is rightfully theirs, and keep it for their own self-important purposes.

And to speak of the mindset of these people; they hate democracy and all that is good. They hate kindness and charity. Only they want to be ahead, for in their psychology they are narcissistic and megalomaniac; these vipers hold down and prohibit equality for grandiose visions of worship. My own philosophy has me motivated to do more than sit back and wiggle my finger; I want to actually DO something to correct this malady. Most people will read my words, nod their heads, and then go buy something on ebay without a care in the world. No. Do *something*, even if it is seemingly insignificant; starting is the thickest barrier, we we must overcome inertia.

Imagine a world of social equality, where race, class, religion, sexual orientation, gender, and education are not barriers.  We can achieve this if we push for the bettering of “inferior peoples”, for no longer would there be economic dividers.  Social injustices will too be deprecated, for accepting the need of charity to the needy is one of liberalism and tolerance.  All people are thinking beings, capable of loving another human.  And should we deny life to such people?  Disregard equality and promote suffering?  I hope none think as this.  But as long as there are capable people who ignore our efforts to give a hand out to those who require it, there will be spitters and sociopaths.


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