German Nazi Racism is Still Alive and Well

I’m sure most of us remember the 1936 Olympics.  The horrific event when Nazi Germany attempted to snatch gold medals in sports from citizens of the civilized world.  At this Olympics, the racist Germans used sports as a propagada showcase to attempt to prove racist theories on supposed “Aryan” superiority.

Apparently their attitude hasn’t changed much.  Not content to leave racism at home, these hate-filled German monsters arrogantly defeated an African team on their own soil, adding a touch of colonialism to their stolen victory.  Is this not the same display of hatred that was shown by Adolf Hitler towards people of African descent?  African people have never harmed Germans on German soil, and have even been willing to put aside racist rhetoric that is echoed ad naseum by the Whites, especially Germans.  It’s clear that they have a vendetta against people with a different skin color.

Germany must be punished.  Their win must be annulled immediately and Ghana should replace them as the winners of this match.


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