Savage Greek Freaks Show their Ugly Faces

1. The acquittal of the neo-Nazi writer Kostas Plevris by the Greek judiciary is an indication of the extent to which members of the Greek establishment have adopted anti-Semitic ideas.

2. The trial and its aftermath demonstrated furthermore the extent to which elements in the Greek judiciary and media are in sympathy with the neo-Nazi far-right, and hostile to the movement against anti-Semitism and neo-Nazism.

3. Democrats everywhere should express their support for the committed minority of anti-Nazi campaignerrs in Grece who are fighting against the rising tide of officially sanctioned anti-Semitism.

It looks like the Greeks have shown their ugly faces.  It’s no secret that the Greeks persecuted Jews from time immemorial, and the trend continues today.  Greece must be punished with heavy sanctions and also by being thrown out of the EU; the United States and NATO should also consider military action or a regime change if these actions continue.  Anti-semitism is not a European value.


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