Why do we write? A simple question is it not?

Perhaps there is an inexplicable euphoria which comes with seeing pixelated letters, in all their stark glory, march across a white screen, filling these boxes with my thoughts, or a certain comfort in hearing the clackety-clack clack of my keyboard as I bring a piece to completion.  Yes, there is one reason to write.

But, when we come down to it, the objective of all writing is communication.  Who knew what the first human, on the plains of Africa thought, when he picked up a twig and etched the first primitive scrawl in the sand were.  Perhaps he smiled to himself and realized what he had started: a way to bring people together, to instruct, to nourish the forces of tolerance, and to smash the chains of ignorance.

And that is what I’m here to do.  Even after the election of Barack Obama, there are people who seemingly can’t go with the flow.  We see the images on TV of fundamentalists who clench their fist in hatred, instead of opening their arms to their fellow man, of rioters who, with the same disregard to human life, insult our President because of the color of his skin.  I believe this can be stopped on person at a time.  And that is why I’m here.

And so, with that said where do I begin?  Where should I begin in telling my tale, with its twisty turns?

I suppose, I will start in from the beginning.  My name is Shaun Goldstein.  I am a 30-something Jewish guy from San Fransisco. My beliefs are mainly Reform Jewish/Secular Humanist with some New Age thrown in for good measure.

I’ve been blogging ever since Xanga was the last word in do-it-yourself blogs.  It was a great time back then, and when I think of the times I shared with my dear friend Hakeem, or my mentor Meir, I can only look back and smile.  But as good as it was, I eventually had to shut down my blog there.  For one, my blog was constantly under the siege of racists and hecklers, and I could no longer find the heart in me to continue to post day after day, seeing such ignorance.  The other reason was, back then, there just wasn’t enough time in the day for me to think up new material every day.  But now that things have mellowed out for me, I find myself again with spare time on my hands, peering into yet another brave new world full of hope, tolerance, and kindness.  Thankfully, as well, the internet has become a much more mature and controlled place these days, and I don’t anticipate any problems this time around.

I hope that my posting here can be insightful and allow all people of all nations and cultures to desire a world in which xenophobia ceases to manifest.  A world where race is seen as the social construct it truly is, and a united earth where all people can see each other as brothers (and sisters) without racial, language, or cultural barriers.

With each etch of my pen I want to take one step forward to ending hatred.

With each etch of my pen I want to outline a plan for love and understanding.

With each etch of my pen I want to free the world from ignorance of racism and fascism.

With each etch of my pen, I plan a new tomorrow, shining in the brilliant sun of diversity and tolerance.

What else? Well, one of my interests is modern art. Modern art can be subtle, yet emotional – and there is a wealth of diversity within it. I am also a fan of international cuisines, particularly the less well-known flavors of Africa and South America. I also like jogging and play softball and play second base in a local league in my spare time.

That’s all for now.  I hope to see you around.

In Solidarity,



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