Prop 8 Tries to Annul Marriages

Remember when Prop 8 backers said they wouldn’t target existing marriages?

Well, it turns out that they lied. They lied, because they knew their plan all along.  A plan to oppress the LGBT communities of America, to spit on our sacred Constitution which is beloved by so many.

What typical homophobic paranoia and mental hate. Prop 8 should never have been brought to the ballot anyways. There was too much room for electoral fraud and intimidation, and I am sure that Christian fundamentalist agitators knew this (thus the reason why it was taken to the ballot in the 1st place) It should have been settled diplomatically in the halls of California’s legislature.

The majority should never be able to dictate the will of the minority. It is in fact incumbent on the majority to protect the rights of the minority. To help them to give them what they need to achieve equality.

Here we have an interesting little character known as the Homophobe. The Homophobe wants us to think of him as a do-gooder. Keep in mind, though, that he wants to “do good” at the expense of other people’s lives. If the Homophobe really wanted to be a do-gooder, he could start by admitting that we can no longer afford to do nothing about his lazy tactics. Instead, we must strike while the iron is hot and replace today’s chaos and lack of vision with order and a supreme sense of purpose.

To put a little finer edge on the concept, the Homophobe’s list of sins is long and each one deserves more space than I have here. Therefore, rather than describe each one individually, I’ll summarize by stating that his idiotic claim that courtesy and manners don’t count for anything is just that, an idiotic claim. The purpose of this deception may be to fill the air with recrimination and rancor. Or maybe the purpose is to damage the self esteem and mental health of millions of young men and women.

The Homophobe ignores the most basic ground rule of debate. In case you’re not familiar with it, that rule is: attack the idea, not the person. This may be a foregone conclusion, but I’m not very conversant with his background. To be quite frank, I don’t care to be. I already know enough to state with confidence that the Homophobe has been trying hard to protect what has become a lucrative racket for him. Unfortunately, that lucrative racket has a hard-to-overlook consequence: it will shatter and ultimately destroy our most precious possessions some day. Perhaps I’m reading too much into his double standards, but they don’t seem to serve any purpose other than to strap us down with a network of rules and regulations. This probably does not affect your daily life, but it is a fact: the homophobes must be stopped, by force if necessary.  Be sure to inform your local chapter of the ADL or SPLC if you see such people in life.  Together, united – we will never be defeated!


Hating the needy is still hating

I was walking down the busiest street yesterday, and I noticed an old man in ragged clothing was sitting down on the sidewalk and leaning against the ruddy, cracked bricks that formed the wall of a building. I approached quietly, my shadow overcasting his body. He did not look up at me, but continued to stare down at the ground, acknowledging my existence only by the shadow I casted.

“Sir,” he pleaded in a quavering voice while evading eye contact, “could you please spare a coupla’ dollars? I’m a hungry man and I’ve beena bit down on my luck.”

He then looked up at me, his face gave signs of being used to humiliation and mockery. This was the face of a man who was acquainted with tough times, and the kindness of strangers was his highest providence. Every day he starved, alone in the alleyways as an outcast of society; no family would feed him, no one to shelter this kindly old man. Cold and grim winters he fought with all his endurance, sleeping under bridges without a second thought to discomfort. He was a survivor, I could see. His expression was near emotionless, save for the scarcest hint of hope–hope that even the barest fragment of human kindness still existed. I was destined to console his hope, to nurture it like a mother to a baby.

“Well, I can spare a few dollars,” I said with a slight hint of a foreboding tone. He falsely perceived sarcasm, and his face contorted into humiliation until I pulled out my wallet. Then, I gave him a twenty-dollar bill and winked at him. His face lit up like a menorah, and tears of joy streamed onto my back from his tight hugging. He thanked me, while still hugging me, and told me that G-D would bless me my entire life. He then began running to what I presume was the nearest grocery store; though on his way he turned around, looked back at me, smiled, and ran into the distance never to be seen by me again. While a heartwarming story, a question I have must be answered: Why was this man not nurtured by the government? He existed as an emotionless creature until my saintly deed, for perhaps years or even decades: far too long. Our governments exist to protect The People, to ensure mutual survival and humanity’s success as a team. Governments, when they do not fulfill their intended purpose, become selfish and decry their part in the social contract. Our values have been corrupted by the atrocious, the maligners of modern civilization; people are not accepted for who they are, but must merely be useful to the current regime that controls their lives. The self-important types ignore the obligation of giving people what is rightfully theirs, and keep it for their own self-important purposes.

And to speak of the mindset of these people; they hate democracy and all that is good. They hate kindness and charity. Only they want to be ahead, for in their psychology they are narcissistic and megalomaniac; these vipers hold down and prohibit equality for grandiose visions of worship. My own philosophy has me motivated to do more than sit back and wiggle my finger; I want to actually DO something to correct this malady. Most people will read my words, nod their heads, and then go buy something on ebay without a care in the world. No. Do *something*, even if it is seemingly insignificant; starting is the thickest barrier, we we must overcome inertia.

Imagine a world of social equality, where race, class, religion, sexual orientation, gender, and education are not barriers.  We can achieve this if we push for the bettering of “inferior peoples”, for no longer would there be economic dividers.  Social injustices will too be deprecated, for accepting the need of charity to the needy is one of liberalism and tolerance.  All people are thinking beings, capable of loving another human.  And should we deny life to such people?  Disregard equality and promote suffering?  I hope none think as this.  But as long as there are capable people who ignore our efforts to give a hand out to those who require it, there will be spitters and sociopaths.

A Victory for Free Speech

This is splendid news.  I cannot say how happy I am that the anti-semitic Arabs were punished for their hate.  Too often, the American community is focused on what white racists do to blacks, and sometimes ignores what is being done to innocent Jewish people just for being Jewish.  We can only hope that other colleges follow suit with the same ideas.  I would, in fact go so far as to say that all Muslim groups, and even some Christian groups need to be banned from campuses nationwide, as many Muslim and Christian ideologies tend to be authoritarian and undemocratic.

Some people might ask, “isn’t banning someone from campus against free speech?” No.  Because hate speech is not free speech.  Let us remember that hate has consequences.  The consequence of  using anti-semitic slurs and constantly criticizing Israel in this case was being suspended from campus for a year.  But, let’s look at the wider picture.  Today it’s about Israel, tomorrow the racists, be they Arabs or Whites, could come for you.

I’m sure you’ve seen them, stumbling around like the failures they are and constantly bickering with each other. They’re simply bigots, even to each other. But we don’t care if they hate and hurt each other– simply the beauty of the self-destructiveness of hate. But what we do mind is if they cause trouble to the good people of the world, particularly minorities. Sure, we can allow them to spread their hate speech under the watchful eye of a tolerance-policing democratic authority, but we also have to be aware that hate has consequences.

For example: I recently recieved a comment about how Israel was guilty for the flotilla clash.  Utter trash that isn’t even recyclable. Using the investigative powers of the Information Superhighway, I searched this hateful user’s screen name and after hours and hours of searching, I found his personal information. Job, name, address, age, etc. I promptly called that person’s place of employment and alerted the bigot’s superior of their hateful actions online. They thanked me and told me that the person would be reprimanded, and probably fired for saying such disgusting things. I also gave the personal information to various pro-tolerance groups, three of them being the Southern Poverty Law Control Center, Anti-Racist Action, and One People’s Project. I then went to bed at 2:00AM after having meticulously tracked this bigot down. Hate has consequences.

People, particularly Ku-Klux-Klan or terrorist sympathizers, will tell me I am not respecting the right to free speech. One must keep in mind that the First Amendment applies only to the FEDERAL government, although very progressive groups have been eroding state’s rights for quite a while now. The First Amendment does not apply to speech that can be deemed hateful, as I illuminate in one of my earliest articles. Remember, that person was still able to communicate their feces-laden ideas; sick and perverted maligning that are obviously untrue upon a short introspection. I did not abridge this right, I merely engaged in my right to respond as one should when confronted with the most venomous of evils upon Earth. Why should one sit quietly and meekly when spat on by the flames of intolerance? Sometimes our action ought to be the hater’s education.

Allow the bigot to squeal and regurgitate ideas that intelligent people in academia take as jokes. But don’t let it end there; ensure that your local chapter of Anti-Racist Action or Skinheads Against Racial Prejudice are well aware of this person’s activities. Let that person fear for their life, and let that fear one day manifest into a love greater than that they have ever known. Violence shall be the fire that burns the vegetation of hatred, and the fertilizer shall allow the seeds of tolerance to be fertile and yield the fruit of pure love.

Israelis Ambushed and Attacked by Terrorists on the High Seas


Last night, Israeli soldiers were brutally and forcefully attacked by Palestinian-sympathizing terrorist groups who were trying to smuggle weapons to Gaza.  Video footage shows that Israeli soldiers, who were only armed with paintball guns, were punched, stabbed, kicked, and beaten with iron bars – and does not give rise to further questions on the culpability of either party.  Even the notorious propaganda television station, Al-Jazeera admits that the so-called “flotilla” was illegally attempting to infiltrate the Israeli blockade of Gaza, giving the solidiers no choice but to board to prevent an invasion of Israeli territory.

Once on board, the terrorists made no secret about their plans to kill these innocent Jews, who were tasked with defending their beloved homeland.  According to one reliable source, they chanted “Death to Israel” upon seeing Israeli soldiers and chanted Islamic battle cries encouraging the massacre of Jews.

Some people think that Israel might have overreacted in this situation.  I beg to differ.  Given the impending invasion of Israeli territory, there was no other choice.  In fact, Israel acted with great restraint, as any other nation might have torpedoed the ships, sending the passengers to a watery grave.

It sickens me to see even the best and brightest to decry Israel as a state of oppression, where innocent people are sent to be tortured. This is not the case. Israel has the best human rights record of any nation, as the Jews are humble people who are trying the best to strive for peace in tough times.  Anyone who speaks otherwise is a serpent, a deceiver, a betrayer, a liar: he speaks with a tongue of wanting, a tongue of jealousy, or a tongue of manipulation, speaking with the tongue of bigotry.  To hate Israel is to hate it’s people, for Israel is not just a country but the fruition of the will of the Jewish people.  Israel is not just a land in the desert, my friends. Israel is the Jewish people.

When you heap your scorn and hatred upon Israel, you unconsciously malign the Jewish people.  Some people think that they are “doing the right thing” by speaking for the so-called Palestinian people (which I will discuss in a moment), but they are in fact not doing the right thing.  These people hate Israel because they are Anti-Semitic. Why?  We need look no further than a man by the name of Hussein al-Amin, the an Arab religious cleric from “Palestine” who was a friend of Hitler – and who called upon his followers to “Murder the Jews!”.

Why does this Anti-Semitism take root? One reason is that Christians see Jesus as being crucified by the Jews. But who sent Jesus to death? Pontius Pilate: a white male. Who crucified Jesus? The Romans–white men. Christians, ironically enough, misdirect their hate to the Jews, when it is them who themselves they should be hating for crucifying Christ! Centuries of this defamation have darkened the plight of the Jewish people, but there is no hate towards the gentiles as Jews are here to be guiding people, not rodents of revenge. Another fact is that Jews are, traditionally, very successful people. I believe this is undeniable; Jews have a natural appetite for success, and can be found everywhere in the arts and sciences. Jealousy erupts from this, and racists hate the innocent Jew because of individual shortcomings. Many will not be fully aware of these feelings, but it is important to understand that anti-Israel sentiment spawns from envy.

Of course when anybody is attacked, they have the right, if not the duty to strike back.  Young children are destroyed by the Palestinian people often, and the peaceful Jewish people live in fear of the next attack.  Any footage of Jewish atrocities is taken out of context by bigoted sources wishing to spread anti-Semitic sentiment. Israel is a friend of the world’s, and has helped the United States of America see the cruelty of the Saddam regime and the terrorism of the Afghan people by lobbying for war against these malevolent worms. With these dictator-states gone, democracy reigns free in Arabic lands for the first time.

Jews are good people: I should know, as I am one of them. Every time I hear plebeian speech such as, “We need to stop supporting Israel,” I feel stereotyped; I know I am a sensitive human being just like you people of African, European, or Asian. When derogative remarks are made against my people I feel my kindness is undeserving. But this is a transient feeling, natural in all humans. I quickly come to my senses and understand that if the uneducated are having envy against Jews, I must treat them the way I want to be treated and perhaps show them the light, the light that shines upon the Jewish people and radiates our love and our essence which is none to dissimilar to yours. Israel and the Jewish people are inseparable; Israel’s borders may come and go, but never our heart and soul.

Today is Everybody Draw Mohammed (YShV) Day

Today was a celebration of Free Speech.  Today, we stood as one, refusing to allow the forces of religious bigotry to mow us down with bullets of hate or bombs of malice.  Our resolve will not be lessened by religious bigots who do not understand basic human rights.  The right to question dogma and the right to be free from religion.

In celebration of Draw Mohammed (YShV) day, several members of our Students for Israel club, the LGBTQI club, and Atheist club (and a few others,Iforget at the moment), drew some pictures.  As an assistant professor, I also gave extra credit to anyone in my class who made a picture.  (One Muslim was upset that I did such a thing, but given that Muslims are anti-Jewish, who is he to complain?)  We then drove to the local mosque and posted them across the street from the mosque (on public property so they couldn’t do anything about it).  Consider this a test of tolerance; if the Muslims were willing to accept what we had done and not resort to violence, or calling the police to “shut us up,” then they passed.  Well, it goes without saying that they failed miserably.

Anyways, I’ll have today’s pictures scanned and put up here in the near future.  In the meantime, you can click over here to enjoy some older pictures!
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Racist Whites-Only Club Bought out by Synagogue


This is great news.  As someone of Jewish descent myself, I find myself somewhat smirking at the grand irony that a racist swim club, probably owned by racist White Christians, has now been bought out by Jewish people and is owned by a synagogue.  Many of my friends also appreciated this zesty irony; and thought that it would have only been slightly better had it been garnished by banning Whites – giving the discriminators a taste of their very own poison medicine that they attempted to shove down the throats of others!

There is never any excuse for racism.  All people are created equal, without exception.  What happened at this swim club should be a stark reminder to any person or organization who are unwilling to abide by these laws.  The people who were forced out of the doors of this club were mere children, once so innocent and full of optimism.  When they were refused entry to the club, possibly forced to sit on the sidewalk, their wet bodies shivering in the cold air, the reality of a racist system must have come crashing down onto them.  How horrible it must have felt to be sitting on that sidewalk, rejected because of the mere color of your skin, forced into a submissive posture just because you didn’t look like someone else?

Well, fortunately a few well-meaning people started the wheels rolling.  The club was hit with a lawsuit from the U.S Justice Department and a state Human Relations Commission investigation, and eventually went bankrupt from having to pay legal fees.  That culminated in the purchase of the club and its facilities by the a local synagogue.  And I must say, for 10.5 acres, it was a good deal – seeing as a single acre of undeveloped land can cost around 1 million dollars in Philadelphia!

Let this be a message to racists and discriminators everywhere.  If you discriminate, you might get away with it once or twice.  But remember that hate has consequences.  Eventually you will be caught and punished.  This is the 21st century, and it’s time that you started living in it!

A Genocidal Muslim Hatemonger Exposed!

A Muslim Jew-hater and supporter of genocide is flushed out by David Horowitz!

Although David Horowitz is conservative and I am the polar opposite on more than a few social issues, I support his stance on Israel 110%.  The Jewish people, who suffered so much during the Holocaust are now being exterminated by the Arabs.  Israeli territories are occupied by a foreign people called the Palestinians, who fire thousands of missiles a day at Israeli schools, hospitals, synagogues, and old folk’s homes, for no other reason than the fact that Israel is the only Jewish state in the world.  These people want Israel to hand over its land through devious, uncouth methods such as murder, rape, and genocide, yet cry when Israel defends itself.

All four of my grandparents died in the Holocaust.  As a Jew, I know the feeling of persecution.  But today, the Jewish people have arisen to cry out “Never Again” – never again will the Jewish people be rounded up into cattle cars and shipped off to places with names that ring with the stark echoes of death like Auschwitz, Birkenau, Majdanek, or Buchewald.  “Never Again” shall the Jews be shoved into gas-chambers, pounding on doors asking to be let out, only to die awful, horrible deaths at the hands of their German tormentors!—  Never Again!

Please tell your Senator or Congressman to keep the money flowing to Israel so that Israel can continue to defend itself against these hate-filled murderers.